Whimsical animals in paintings

Among my favorite subjects to paint are animals and birds. Whimsical animals, beautiful animals, bad-ass animals. I love them all. My painting "Giraffe with Bird" was painted as a commission for a fellow animal lover. She and I share a respect of species who have to do more in a day just to survive than we'll do in a lifetime. Take the bar-tailed godwit, for example. This tiny bird will fly over 7000 miles without stopping to eat or rest! It will fly up to nine days, slowing starving itself, to reach its destination. We can barely make it through the morning without a snack! 

Just about any bird or animal in the wild would absolutely trounce any human in a competition of strength, duration and overall accomplishments. 

whimsical animals

Other birds with super hero abilities include hummingbirds, the arctic tern, the blackpoll warbler, ospreys and owls. Not to mention blue birds, wrens, swallows and swifts. 

Animals like giraffes and zebras spend their lives protecting themselves and their young from predators, all while being unbelievably beautiful! 

Let's hear it for animals! They inspire us, give us hope and beauty. And they live their lives without poisoning the oceans, polluting the air, or fighting wars.