What’s black and white and rusty all over?

When I painted “Rusty Zebra” back in 2015, I had just discovered this amazing oxidizing paint that created real rust in all its varying shades. I loved the way the warm rust looked against the stark black and white of the zebra. Since then I have created many works using these reactive metal paints. I’ve learned how different conditions affect the way the paint oxidizes. 

Outside of the studio, I continue to learn how people - black, white, brown - live among one another. I participated recently in several civic events whose purpose was to highlight the lives of people whose voices are not always heard or understood. It was energizing to see young people of all stripes striving for justice.

The events are the work of the Citywide Youth Coalition in New Haven. Their energy and commitment give me a renewed hope, and that’s why I decided to donate half the proceeds from the sale of Rusty Zebra, already marked down, to their organization. 

One thing strikes me as I look back at this painting - the dance of black and white on the zebra, mingling with the warm rust tones - is how these tones complement one another and make a beautiful whole.