Our Furry Families

I never didn’t have a pet. Growing up, we had first Sandy, and then Bones. A mutt and a German Shepard, respectively. And we always had cats. When Bones was a tiny puppy he used to like to sleep under the china cabinet. I don’t think he ever fully realized how big he got. Even at 100 pounds, he still tried to crawl under there, with his big old hulking self. He was so silly. 

I’m not sure how many cats we had total, but it was far into the double digits. We are currently caring for Johnny and Ponyboy, two buff colored cats my daughter adopted when she was younger. 

I love painting pets. Our furry families hold such a special place in our hearts. You can always count on your dog to greet you when you walk through the door. Whether you’ve been gone five minutes or five days, your return will be the greatest thing they have EVER experienced! 

Cats? Well maybe not so much. But they’re cute! One of mine loves to chase reflections. He never gets tired of it. So funny!

Whatever furry family member you have, I would be honored to paint a portrait for you. I just love these guys!