Birds in Art

Birds in Art. I am inspired by the natural world all around me. But I have a particular fondness for birds. I paint my fair share of blue birds and warblers, but I especially love the raptors. Owls, eagles and hawks are impressive animals. But my favorite subject to paint is the osprey. And here on the Southern Connecticut Shoreline, there are many!

birds in art, osprey

The Osprey is the only raptor that exclusively fishes for its meals. Other birds of prey eat fish – Eagles are known to dive for fish, and hawks will eat almost anything. But an Osprey is the only one that survives on fish alone. With a six foot wingspan they circle above open water looking for their prey. When they spot an appropriate fish, they dive, folding their wings, and plunge, sometimes up to 3 feet deep, and snatch their meal. Then they fly around until it suffocates, and then perch in a tree and enjoy.

The Osprey

Monsieur and Madame Osprey

File their joint return

In April,

A sunny deadline.


The tender deadwood, taloned

Branch by branch to soften the romance,

Divining rods, maulsticks,

For this season’s masterwork.


She plunges a sinister eye,

Plunks a drunken bunker,

Plunder from below,

Roe to shore for a lover.


A fingerling to a darling babe,

Fledging a different path,

Two years, three,

To start their own golden brood.

~Joseph Whiting