Abandoned places, a meditation on death and growth

When I first saw my cousin Bart Lentini's photographs of abandoned places, I knew I had to create my own interpretation of these compelling images. There is something mystical about an image of a once bustling location that is now left in ruins. A hospital emergency room with all the tools of urgent life-saving, now a substrate for a different kind of life. Factory walls now covered in mold. An abandoned prison, now home to a lake of - who knows what! 

I think what I find most fascinating about these kinds of images, is how they mirror the natural world. A forest is a rich biosphere of all manner of life. And when a tree "dies" it really just becomes the substrate for millions of other growing things. In death, it creates life. 

In my reactive metals series of paintings I use rust and patina to create vibrant images of life and decay, stasis and change.

Rust. Patina. These are created when the elements iron and copper corrode. So, in decay, these elements have a new life as art, creating beauty, and inspiring new life.  

abandoned places

More of my reactive metals pieces can be seen here. I use rust and patina to create images of landscapes, birds, abandoned places, animals. These paintings are both compelling and whimsical. Serious and lighthearted. I want my art to be fun and imaginative, and also thought provoking. I hope you like my interpretations of man's mark on the world. 

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